Profile of Dr Sam Rawlins – Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

Dr Sam Rawlins was born in Basseterre on the 28th December 1942. He studied at London University, The University of the West Indies and Texas A&M University. He was a Fulbright Fellow at Colorado State University and he has been a lecturer at UWI and elsewhere. Dr Rawlins shares his time between Trinidad and St. Kitts. He is married with two adult children. On 10 December 2007 he received the Nobel Peace Prize as part of the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (“IPCC”).

Dr Rawlins was interviewed by the editor.

peace2.jpgKL: What is your proudest achievement?

SR: To be able to collaborate with scientists of the world, and to make a valued contribution

KL: What has been your motivation in life?

SR: To help in making some of the vector (mosquito)-borne diseases, such as malaria, which kills some  1.5million people per year, a phenomena of the past, through scientific innovation.

KL: What is your driving passion?

SR: To bring peace and health to mankind through scientific intervention – my tennis and golf won’t make world championship level!

KL:  Which person in history living or dead has been an inspiration to you?

SR: The Lord Jesus – His love to mankind – living in me.

KL:  Who has your back?

SR: My wife, Dr Joan Rawlins

KL:  If you could invite 5 well known people (living or dead) to dinner whom would you choose?

SR:  Jesus Christ; Charles Darwin; Martin Luther King Jr.; Ronald Ross (He demonstrated early in the 1900s that insects transmit diseases such as malaria) Bob Marley; Felix Mendelson (the composer)

KL: What book(s) are you reading at the moment?

SR: Atlas of 20th Century Warfare, by Stewart Ross et al. it shows that modern man is just as cruel as cave man was! Also, I’m currently writing a book “Vectors and vector-borne diseases  of the Caribbean” so notes and proofs from that.

KL: Your favourite things: Scent, Colour, Time of day, Time of year, Food.

SR: Colour: Blue; Scent; Roses; Time of Day; Early morning for walking; Time of year; Christmas; Food; Caribbean; well spiced everything

KL: Who is/has been the most influential person in your life?

SR: The Lord

KL: If you could do one thing to make a difference in your community what would it be?

SR: Get young people to show the love of the Lord Jesus to each other; resolve conflicts by peaceful means, eliminate violence.

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