By Orita Bailey

Brimstone Hill- Fortress St. Kitts

The General Manager at the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is very excited about the latest project being undertaken by the staff. The project to preserve and renovate the Sandy Point Customs Building and Post Office promises to be another great achievement for the Society.

The significance of Sandy Point as port in the 1700’s and even into this century cannot be down played. The port at Sandy Point played a significant role in the history of St. Kitts. As the nearest port to the Brimstone Hill Fortress, the port at Sandy Point was important to both the French and English. With such close proximity to the Fortress, the port enjoyed its protection, a symbiotic arrangement of course as most of the supplies were landed there.

With such historical significance it is no wonder that the Brimstone Hill Society is keen for the public to help them in the restoration of as much as possible of the buildings at Sandy Point; images of the buildings there including the Customs Building and Post office are being sought. The staff are keen to see copies of old photos, lithographs or any other images can be taken to the offices of the Society, where they will be scanned or photographed and returned to you.

The next phase of discovery at Brimstone Hill has recently gotten underway when a team of volunteers from Caribbean Volunteer Expedition led by renowned archaeologist David Rollinson returned to continue work on the site of the military hospital at the Orillion Bastion. The Military hospital was located away from the main barracks for obvious reasons.

After just a few days of work, the team have revealed most of the perimeter of the hospital, and are now working to identify doorways and separate rooms. Work has also been undertaken in the cemetery, located just below the hospital. Several grave markers and headstones have been uncovered. Evidence suggests that some of these graves are of females and children.

The staff and members of the Society are extremely excited by the prospects of these two projects that will continue to keep Brimstone Hill Fortress at the forefront of Historical Heritage Sites worldwide.

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