50th Anniversary of the Brimstone Hill Society


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27 February 2015

In April 1965 a group of forward thinking men and women came together and began the process of making history by creating the Brimstone Hill Society. 50 years on our Federation boasts the only Caribbean fortress, outside of the Greater Antilles, to be inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The role of a small non-profit organization named the Brimstone Hill Society in placing St. Kitts on the tourism map and creating the opportunity for our newer partners to thrive, from tour operators to zip lines, historic houses to scenic rail tours, cannot be overstated. The significance of the Brimstone Hill Fortress as a tangible testament to the sacrifice, struggles, skill, courage and achievements of our people must never be forgotten.


We therefore invite all nationals and visitors to reflect, commemorate and celebrate with us the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society. Throughout this year all of the Society’s traditional outreach activities: History & Heritage Activities in February-March; The Easter Cannonball Hunt; The Emancipation Concert and Festival in August; The Independence Anniversary Fit and Fearless Run shall be themed in commemoration of our 50th Anniversary.


Additionally, from April to May, there shall be special activities held in partnership with the Church, the St. Kitts Nevis Defence Force, the UWI Open Campus, the Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs, the Nevis Historical & Conservation Society, the media and other partners, to highlight a half century of truly spectacular accomplishments. A committee has been established under the chairmanship of Mr. Michael Morton to plan a programme of commemorative activities. The 50th Anniversary Programme shall be released shortly. Please join us in celebrating what is not only a milestone for the Brimstone Hill Society but for our nation as well.


Cameron St. P. Gill, MA

General Manager



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