Third Annual Nevis Culture Yard



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The NHCS invites the general public to our third annual Nevis Culture Yard celebration on Friday, February 26, 2016  at 10am-3pm on the grounds of the Hamilton Museum in Charlestown.


The Nevis Culture Yard is a cooperative effort of the NHCS, Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, Ministry and Department of Education & and Ministry of Tourism.  We collaborate to educate on our theme: Strengthening Our Commitment to Preserving Our Heritage:  Our Arts, Archives and Marine Environment!



The aim of this event is to preserve, to protect, to promote, and to practice our culture, to engender civic pride, and to celebrate and showcase the artistic skills of our people.


This year we showcase our Arts, Our Archives and Our Marine Environment.  Our children will feature their talents such as our young chefs giving a taste of their ‘all things fish’ creations.  Come to hear about all that we are doing to protect our archives and develop protected areas around our beautiful island. Come for the opening of the event at 10am and stay on for lunch. A tasty local cuisine of Fish Soup, Cook-up and Saltfish and Johnny Cakes and local drinks!   So come and buy your lunch and join us on Friday, February 26, 2016 at 10am-3pm on the grounds of the Hamilton Museum in Charlestown for Nevis Culture Yard.


It is a full day’s event. The students who won the VON Radio Quiz will also be awarded their prizes at Nevis Culture Yard.

Questions, please call 469-5786


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