March 2008 Editorial

What an eventful and exciting year it has been for us here at Kittivisian Life. We are celebrating our first birthday this month!! Yes, that’s right, we launched KL in March 2007 and here we are celebrating a year in publication already!!

March heralds a busy period in the Federation; some of the events to celebrate our 25th Anniversary of Independence was revealed recently and it looks like a very full, exciting and inclusive programme – we’ll keep you posted.

The CARIFTA Games is about to commence at the newest sporting facility in St. Kitts, the Bird Rock Stadium; a custom built track and field stadium to complement Warner Park and to increase the Federation’s sports tourism attractions. 

The 12th Music Festival is almost here, slated for 24-28th June, with Billy Ocean being the first performer announced for the event; remember “Caribbean Queen?” For me, that song is synonymous with Billy Ocean’s name, so is moving my hips!

Also, the Anguilla, Nevis & St. Kitts Association Reunion (“ANSAR”) commences on Friday, 20 June through Sunday, 22 June 2008, which I’m sure will be the medium for many people reuniting and reconnecting. I’m certainly looking forward to connecting with friends I haven’t seen in years. And as the Editor of KL, I would be honoured to feature your “ANSAR Reunion” story in our July/August issue, so please share your experience with us at by 29 June, 2008 for inclusion.

The following weekend, 6 & 7 July,  Warner Park will again resound to the sound of leather on willow, with two One-Day International Cricket Matches between the West Indies and Australia at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium. Later in July, Nevis will be hosting their annual Culturama Festival; bound to be equally packed with all things Nevisian.

With so much happening here in St. Kitts and Nevis, there couldn’t be a better time to visit, come home, or stay in touch through all the technological means at your disposal.We look forward to sharing all of the exciting events with you over the next few months and hope to see you online at: for all that is good about the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.  Do keep sending your letters and comments.


Letter to the Editor

Fanta Orange is Sweet!

As I read “Fanta Orange” by Sacha Phillip in the Jan-Feb issue of KL, I empathized with her memories of her first visits to St. Kitts and of drinking Fanta. Thank you for the memories; it made me feel homesick.

Although I left St. Kitts as a child and didn’t return for another 15 years, a lot of my memories of “home” were related to food that I never forgot; the delicious, frothy sweetness of Fanta (I think we called all the drinks “Fanta,” whether they were white, red or orange), now my favorite is Big Red. Running down to Fulton’s to buy bread or, on the days we got dosed with cod liver or castor oil (yech!), sweet buns to eat with cheese and sweet, tangy lemonade was the best end to a miserable day! I longed for Fracos from the street vendor, jawbone breakers from Miss. Richards’ Sunday School in the afternoon, juicy, purple sea grapes served in a leaf cone, stoning mangoes and tamarind, or plucking half-ripe tomatoes off somebody’s bush hanging over a fence and eating them just so! 

Oh, what a life that was, and I missed all those gastronomic delights dreadfully when I went to England. Even now, grown up and living in the States and better able to control (or replace) my longings with other tastes, I need to come home at least once a year to gorge myself and satisfy my cravings for the tastes of my Caribbean childhood.

Thank you KL for your publication and for giving us a place to read about ourselves, even as we read about the world at large and how it will affect us, what’s going on in our region, and how to prepare ourselves for the future with new technologies and business opportunities. I look forward to getting each issue of your magazine in my inbox.

Irene – Union, NJ

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