E-mail Etiquette – Please use the BCC!

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Multiple Addresses in the CC Field

With all the discussion and apparent concern these days over how much of our information the likes of Facebook and Google have and how they use or abuse it; I wonder what persons think when their e-mail address appears in a list of sometimes 50 or 100 other recipients?

It appears that there is a lack of awareness of what is not necessarily confidential information but nonetheless sensitive or privileged information. As a business I have accumulated thousands of e-mail addresses and some of these belong to contacts who might know each other, but certainly have not given me permission whether specifically or implicitly that it’s OK to disclose or share their e-mail address with anyone.

However, I have noticed an increasing trend to essentially dismiss or disregard any thoughts or sensitivity concerning proper treatment of information and simply say what the heck, I’m going send this mail to my address book and divulge my “partners”contact information.

There is a way around this without using the effort of a mail merge, by using the BCC field or Blind Carbon Copy field when composing the e-mail. This field is used when one wants to send a mail to multiple recipients without disclosing who received the mail. It’s that’s simple!

So if you have either received mail of the type discussed or worse still been guilty of sending mails in this manner please take note and share the information learned or enroll in a training programme. There are a couple of screen shots which show how the BCC field is displayed or can be made to appear in different mail clients or web mail services.

Bcc Using a Mail-Client such as Outlook

Outlook Bcc

Looking at the screen shot, you will see that once you begin to write the message, there is an Options Button, which presents the ability to display the Bcc field. This is where you would place the e-mail addresses for recipients of the e-mail being written.

Insert Recipients in this Field

Using Webmail Services Such as Gmail or Yahoo

Gmail Bcc

and like this:

Gmail Bcc

Typically, you would need to press the option/hyperlink to Add Bcc, or in then, add your recipients to the Bcc section as directed in the screen shots.

Yahoo Bcc

Yahoo Bcc

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