SKN Mobile Apps Inaugural Training Session

By Russell Williams

Earlier this year several column inches were rightly given to the mobile applications development workshop held in St. Kitts-Nevis,facilitated by the Bright Path Foundation.

Gov't St. Kitts-Nevis Director of IT Ag. Christopher Herbert

We have deliberately refrained from joining the bandwagon – so to speak – preferring to wait and see if the event was simply that, or whether it would become a movement. After several weeks of planning and work by a hard-core group of “mentors” who were selected to participate at the workshop in January, the first session of a 16 week programme was held on Saturday 10th March at the National ICT Centre.

The aim of the programme is to build on the skills and programming concepts learned during the week long course in January, while developing essential business skills, such as collaboration, personal effectiveness and presentation skills. Some 10 dedicated youths attended the first session and received information on Time Management and Software Development Life Cycle.

Attendees Mobile Apps Development Programme

The participants which included one young lady were mainly students of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, as well as a number of high school students. Two groups will be formed with each being assigned an application to perfect for release on the Android Apps Market. The group is being guided by a group of mentors who have a desire to help develop the next generation of IT professionals, and see the Federation move from a nation, that simply downloads and installs applications to one that develops and uploads apps, and participates in the multi-billion dollar industry.

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