50th Anniversary Logo

Brimstone Hill 50th Anniversary Logo

Press Release

30 March 2015

The Brimstone Hill Society is pleased to reveal to the public our 50th Anniversary Logo. Throughout 2015 as we mark a historic milestone, the 50th Anniversary Logo shall be used on all letterheads and official correspondence of the Society. The design concept of our 50th Anniversary Logo was conceived by Cameron Gill. The concept was modified with input from Victor Smith, former General Manager and President, and a lifelong friend of the Society, as well as members of the 50th Anniversary Committee.

The cannon on a four wheeled fixed carriage (also known as a garrison or ship’s carriage) symbolizes one of the most well known features of the material culture of Brimstone Hill. The number 50 is incorporated into the wheels of the carriage. The design of the cannon with the carriage featuring the number 50 is incorporated into the iconic Brimstone Hill silhouette logo.

Cameron St. P. Gill, MA

General Manager


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