Charles Halbert Public Library 2014 Read-A-Thon

Thursday 17th April 2014 Basseterre

Charles Halbert Public Library, was the venue of the Read-a-Thon Awards Ceremony was the culmination of the week long Easter Read-A-Thon, held under the theme – Make Reading a Habit. Today’s Reader Tomorrow’s Leader.

Overall Read-A-Thon Winner Hadassa Walters

Overall Read-A-Thon Winner Hadassa Walters

The Read-a-thon was held from April 7th to 11th April and drew some 30 children between the ages of 7 to 13 with respresentation from most of the schools in St. Kitts.

During the week children read books and were given books to read at home, they were then asked to complete quiz sheet related to the books read to ensure that they were actually reading the books. The highest scoring reader was declared the overall winner with winners in the Junior Category those children under 10 and the Senior Category which was for those children above the age of 10 years old.

During the Read-a-Thon the participants were treated to presentations and readings by local authors Oloughlin Tatem, Dorothy Martin and Constance Richardson. Presenters explained to the children the many benefits to be gained from being good and proficient readers and how reading opens opportunities to them,

During the morning’s award ceremony, keynote speaker and former Read-a-Thon winner Akeem Bacchus stressed the importance of developing good habits and to make reading one of them. “Reading improves language development, which in turn helps you develop and express your ideas” he explained. Being able to read well and express yourself are important assets a leader must have he went on.

During the presentation each child was asked to give a short account of their favourite book, favourite character and what lessons they had gained from the books they had read. Some of the moral lessons they cited included that they should not be boastful, tell lies or be dishonest or exclude their family and friends and to treat others as they would like to be treated.

The winner of the Junior category and Overall Winner was 9 year old Hadassah Walters, she read 37 books over the 5 days of the competition and answered all her quiz sheets without error. Mikhail Powell-Brazier read 32 Books and won the Senior category.

Mikhail Powell-Brazier Senior Category Winner

Mikhail Powell-Brazier Senior Category Winner

The Read-a-Thon was sponsored by the Development Bank of St. Kitts & Nevis, First Caribbean International Bank, Harpers Office Depot, LIME, Rotary Club of Liamuiga and TDC.

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