‘Female drumming workshop a success!’

Lorna Callender,

Females moved into yet another occupation normally dominated by men. Thanks to the Ministry of Culture and Royd Phipps, women were given the opportunity to enhance their skills at the Female Drumming Workshop held from April 18th to 21st.

Female drumming group with Tutor

It was clear from the age-range and enthusiasm of the participants that rhythm is inherent in everyone and the joy of drumming was experienced as rhythms were released with equal gusto by the young teens, pre-teens as well as by the grannies!

Royd Phipps, master drummer, appeared to have rhythms emanating from his very soul and introduced the eager attendees to drumming secrets hitherto unknown by some participants. To them drumming will no longer be just beating on the stretched skins of a peculiar instrument, for they learnt the correct way to hold their hands, where to find the base tones and the treble tones, how to create simple Djembe patterns and had this all wrapped in right hand – left hand coordination.

In fact, at the Closing Ceremony, Director of Culture, Creighton Pencheon, revealed that studies show that drumming can lead to better right and left brain coordination and what is more…. It could delay the onset of senility!!! This news was naturally greeted with glee by the grannies attending!

The workshop served to whet the appetites of the female attendees who naturally wished to continue their rhythmic journey. Who knows, we may soon see a budding female drum corps!

Royd Phipps Master Drummer

The participants would like to thank the Ministry of Culture and especially tutor Royd Phipps for this innovative idea of having a female drumming workshop, and for the four sessions in which they were able to experience for themselves the joy of drumming! Their Certificates of Participation handed out at the end of the workshop will be greatly cherished and always bring to them smiles of achievement. Thank you!

Lorna Callender,

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