Should Banned Athletes be Allowed to Compete?

In this Olympic year when we will see our athletes competing in London this summer, there is controversy in British Athletics and British Olympic circles. British sprinter Dwaine Chambers, won his bid to overturn the British Olympic Association’s life-time ban for drug offenses.

While Chambers is getting a lot of attention and heat, this ruling clears the way not only for him, but also cyclist, David Millar to attempt to make the British Olympic team.

But should athletes who have been proven to have taken banned substances and completed their punishment, be eligible and allowed to compete at the highest levels? Note that not all banned substances are as clear cut as steroids, certain cold and other medications contain banned substances.

Also remember some athletes have been declared cheats and subjected to bans, only to have them over-turned and their names cleared! Does anyone remember Diane Modahl and how she was thrown under the bus and hung out to dry by the now defunct British Athletics Federation?

So should athletes who have taken banned substances and served their punishment be allowed to compete at the highest levels?

Ah Wha’ you Tink?

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