Dr Harris Committed To Harmony With Nevis

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Hon Vance Amory Leader of CCM and Hon Timothy Harris of Team Unity

Hon Vance Amory Leader of CCM and Hon Timothy Harris of Team Unity

The people of Nevis will not be treated as an afterthought. They will receive fair and equitable treatment from a Team Unity government of which they will be a part. The comforting words of assurance came from Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, Team Unity Leader and the elected Representative commanding the support of the majority of elected members of Parliament.

Dr Harris told the massive turnout of people at the town hall at West Basseterre that the Federal government’s relationship with Nevis will be based on respect, trust, partnership, team spirit and an understanding of our shared citizenship, constitutional obligations and rights. Team Unity’s Leader promised that “Fairness and equity will be guiding principles in our dealings with Nevis in relation to the Sugar Investment Development Fund (SIDF), foreign assistance from European Union and allies.” Dr Harris announcement came weeks after the Douglas regime tried to embarrass the Vance Amory led Nevis Island Administration (NIA) by using its control of National Bank to dishonor cheques of 1800 NIA employees.

Prudent persons have argued that the Douglas regime has abused not only executive power but its majority shareholding in the National Bank to colour it in political red. Among the political activists in the management of the bank are Lincoln Maynard, Party Organizer of the Douglas Party, Halva Hendrickson a failed Labour Party candidate in constituency 8, Sharylle Richardson who is now active as Chief Executive Officer of the Labour Party. Even the current active National Secretary of the Douglas Labour Party Diane Humphreys is in a management position at the bank. Persons knowledgeable about good governance have wondered what code of conduct and code of ethics, members of National Bank Management subscribe to. Given the fragility of the financial sector in St Kitts at this time, persons are calling for transparency at National Bank and a better governance structure.

Many Kittitians and Nevisians have become increasingly concerned that the Douglas regime seems hell bent on sabotaging the efforts of the CCM administration to deliver a better life to the good people of Nevis. They note the callous do nothing approach of the federal regime while the NIA defaulted on its debt. They note too the refusal of the illegitimate federal regime to share equitably the proceeds from the sale of passports and citizenship with the Nevis island government. They note the vindictive withdrawal of SIDF support to the Vance Amory led NIA. And they further note the angry call by the illegitimate Prime Minister for Nevisian nurses to defy the lawful instructions of the deputy premier and minister of health. Douglas the delusional leader seems bent in breaking up the federation in the hope that such a break up would extend his hold on power.

The people of St Kitts and Nevis will not be fooled by Douglas and his cabal. They want a Unity government to make things right and harmonious between Kittitians and Nevisians and between the federal government and Nevis Island Administration. Thankfully Team Unity’s Leader is ready, willing and able to stabilize the relationship across the divide of the channels and political parties. Dr Harris remains committed to federalism and is extremely proud of his Nevisian and Kittitian heritage and lineage.

Team UNITY Communications Secretariat
Basseterre, St.Kitts

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