When will we Stop Peeing in the Wind?

BigBlueQuestionRussell Williams

I’m not going to explain the term or it’s origin, since you’re more than likely reading this online you can always “Google-It” or use the search engine of your choice.

But I became rather irritated by a recent news story about the problem of people urinating in public places in St. Kitts. To add insult to injury we were driving home while the news item was on and passed a man within spitting distance of the bar he was no doubt patronising, relieving himself against a lamp post on the main road!

Not to excuse the man or his upbringing (or lack of it), one has to wonder why the health
department is wasting time on the radio with this instead of dealing with the root cause of the issue.
More often than not, these people are typically “liming” at many of the popular spots which serve
food and drink but lack “adequate” or any bathroom facilities! And that is where the Health
Department needs to do their work.

In some countries, legislation demands that if you are going to serve food and drink there must be
bathroom facilities. As a developing country with laudable advances in broadband internet, hotel
developments etc. surely these basics should also be things we aspire to.

Sadly, St. Kitts and Nevis isn’t alone in examples of practicing “peeing in the wind”. Only this week
a news item from St. Lucia highlighted the difficulty with enforcing the law with respect to noise
abatement. The law was passed back to the 1960’s however, the problem there was they have no tool to
measure the noise at the premises. Decibel meters are not cutting edge technology, however the
police force lacked the tools to enforce the law!

Perhaps the most disappointing fact from the situation in St. Lucia, was that the establishment in this case is owned by a serving member of government, who one would hope if not expect would comply with the requests of law enforcement, but sought instead to take advantage of the loophole.

So, one asks again – When are we going to stop peeing in the wind? Or am I too just doing the

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