June 2008 Editorial

Summer is here! And the Federation is gearing up for lots of activities to celebrate! With the ANSAR Event, Music Festival, International Cricket, Culturama and the Silver Jubilee celebrations it’s going to be a hectic period.

Everyday life though brings its challenges with high fuel and food prices, concerns about the economy, climate, (we’re entering the hurricane season) relationships with neighbours far and near, crime, violence and the myriad of concerns that faces our society.

Recent shortages of certain items in the shops has prompted us all to consider the issue of food security as a small island state. Various agencies federally and regionally have begun to exhort us to consider producing and eating more locally grown and produced food.

Kittivisian Life supports the efforts of all who are working to tackle the issues we face and in this issue highlights the Department of Agriculture’s “Eat Local Day”.

Those of you who will be attending the ANSAR Re-Union and other summer activities we invite you to share your experience with us through your emails, photos, comments, (join our blog). Whether you are visiting for the first time, coming home after an extended time away or just back for your annual visit, Welcome and do enjoy de lime.


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