Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 21, 2013 (SKNIS): 

Two Students of AVEC

Two Students of AVEC

Director of the Advanced Vocational Education Centre Clyde Christopher has predicted that initial perceptions of the school will be erased after its recently held annual Open Day.    
Mr. Christopher explained that the event, which showcased the skills of the students, should also take away the stigma attached to the institution.
 “Very often folks have a dim view of the institution but let’s be reminded that a lot of the trainees who are here are persons who were not given another chance,” he remarked. “AVEC has provided that kind of opportunity for them. They are succeeding and are moving forward…and will continue to progress. But we can only be even more successful with the public’s support.”
Some of the students shared what they hoped to gain from the Open Day and AVEC in general. They also revealed their future goals.

“What we hope to gain from this is that people will see what we have learnt in our classes and our techniques that we used when we are making our bread and our pastries and hopefully people can take this skill and nurture it and carry it on to the workplace,” hospitality student Justin Liddie explained. “I work part-time in this industry and I actually do my own thing. I’m not a chef as yet but I try to do more stuff in the kitchen. I hope to be a hotel manager one day, that’s what I’m aiming for but once I get the experience in all the areas [here], I don’t think there is anything I can’t accomplish.”

Suvaine Merritt, who is a computer studies student, shared why she thought the Open Day was a good idea to showcase AVEC and the students.

 “There are a lot of individuals out there who want another chance to maybe pursue a course and don’t want to come to AVEC because they say that AVEC is a very low school…I don’t think so, it’s an advanced school and if you come you will see what AVEC offers.” Ms. Merrit emphasized.

Other programmes at AVEC include General Construction, Electricity and Mechanics.

Photo: Left: Suvaine Merritt Right: Justin Liddie

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