Kittitian Songbird

Wendy St. KittsMeet Wendy, who adopted the name of her country into her stage persona because she believes she is a product of her country and is immensely proud of being Kittitian. From her youth a very inquisitive and talented child she was encouraged by her mother in music and the arts.

However, Mom Joy also instilled the need to have a solid educational background. Wendy who was equally determined and keen to grow entered the Miss St. Kitts beauty pageant for the prize of a scholarship abroad.  The scholarship didn’t materialise, however, a trip travelling the region fed her inquisitiveness to learn more about the world.

Wendy, through her musical training developed a healthy respect for local song writers/arrangers and this encouraged her to start writing while studying accounting abroad. It wasn’t long before she was playing with a group of other musicians and developing her own particular style. Her newly released first album ‘Woman Empowered’ an eclectic mix of soul, afro-beat, and reggae, showcases her sultry voice and there's no missing her piano playing and the percussion sounds reminiscent of the steel-pan.

Though Ms St. Kitts is currently living in the USA, her heart is still right here in the Federation, working with a group of friends she gives back to underprivileged youngsters of the community. Her group is preparing to register a charity right here to continue that work.

You can find more about Wendy at:

Enter the “Wendy St. Kitts Woman Empowered Give-Away”

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