The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Expresses Extreme Concern


The Chamber of lndustry and Commerce expresses extreme concern at the most recent incidents of a drive-by shooting and an open gun battle on the streets of Mc Knight, which have left two persons dead, and another three critically injured. These incidents clearly indicate that the criminals are taking over the streets of Basseterre in what is truly an insurgency.

It is clear that urgent and powerful action is required by law enforcement immediately to restore the safety of our streets while the measures proposed in the Government’s anti-crime initiative are put in place.

We again strongly recommend to Government that our Security forces be immediately mobilised to take swift and decisive action to track down the illegal firearms and criminals, rather than simply reacting to crimes after they have been committed.

lf local law enforcement is not willing or capable of taking the necessary action to address the situation in the very short term, then Government should bring in the RSS to assist.

The Chamber again registers its continued support of the Government’s anti- crime initiative but reserves the right to mobilise Civil Society to take action within the law if a measure of stability is not restored to our community.

St Kitts Nevis Chamber of lndustrv and Commerce
June 29 2011

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