Nevis Department of Agriculture prepares for Fruit Festival 2012

Local Fruits on Display

The Department of Agriculture on Nevis is finalizing plans for the hosting of the seventh edition of the annual Fruit Festival on Friday August 3 at the Villa in Charlestown from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. under the theme “Fruits add years to your Life and life to your years”.

The festival comes at a time when there is an abundant supply of mangoes and other fruits on the island. Attention will be placed on the fresh fruits, preserved fruits and dried fruits.

One objective behind having this activity is to showcase the versatility of fruits and how many products can be made from them.

“Through the hosting of the fruit festival we are hoping to showcase the number of dishes and drinks that can be made from our locally grown fruits. We are also hoping to encourage persons to consume more fruits and to plant more fruit trees” said Mr. Eric Evelyn Communications Officer of the Agriculture Department.

The festival will include:
• Display and sale of fresh, preserved and dried fruits, as well as fruit products
• Display and sale of craft items (including soaps) made from fruits and fruit by-products
• Sale of fruit trees
• Display of all fruits available on the island.
• Information on management of fruit trees
• Fruit preparation demonstrations
• Lunch
• Entertainment – HiFi.

The Department has once again organized both an ice cream and cake competition for the event. The ice cream base will be soursop and the cake competition will once again be in three categories – cheese, plain/light fruit and heavy fruit. Of course emphasis must be placed on local fruits.

Cheesecake Competition

Fruit Cake competition

Persons interested in either competitions can register at the Department of Agriculture or call Miss. Barbara Morton who is co-ordinating the competitions. Even though it is not being encouraged, persons who decide at the last minute to take part can show up with their entries during the day of the Fruit Fest.

Five local flavours of ice cream – soursop, cantaloupe, mango, banana and guava will also be on sale.

Carved Watermelon

The special feature for this year’s Fruit Fest will be fruit carving. Nevisian Jahmir Tyson who resides in New York will be at the event to showcase his talent. He will have finished creations on exhibit and will also be carving fruit on sight. His Jah Jah Fruit Creations business in New York has been growing in leaps and bounds due to his excellent work.

Fruit Carving

Food preparation demonstrations will once again be featured at the Fruit Festival.

The exciting water melon eating competition will be back this year. So if you think you can eat melon quickly, come and be a part of the competition this year.

Watermelon Eating Competition

It will be a learning and entertaining experience that will be worth your time. We are therefore soliciting your support for this very special activity.

Admission to the grounds is free.

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