We are in the height of summer and it is not only the environmental temperature that is rising here in St. Kitts. Election fever has stepped up a pace and raised tempers as well as temperatures. The current slew of court cases brought by the opposition against the government seeks to protect our constitution and has generated interest not only in St.Kitts but in the whole of the English speaking Caribbean that has similar constitutions to ours.  Both parties are represented by legal counsel from various Caribbean countries and this has highlighted the inter-relatedness of our common legal system. Perhaps here at least CARICOM is a reality. We continue to follow the progress and will ensure that our readers are informed of the outcome.

The issue of immigration has been raised frequently in the past few months; several countries have revealed their intention to implement legislation to address the removal of unregistered migrants from other Caribbean nations from their shores. This obviously raises concern about the reality of ‘the free movement of people’ element of the CSME.  Are we one economic space or are we not? Caribbean residents have always been very mobile and before mass migration to the UK and the USA in the fifties and sixties, movement within the region was the norm. Now more than ever we need to retain our people in the region and current economic climate not withstanding, efforts should be made to ensure that the objectives of CARICOM are not derailed.

Violence and gun crime continues unabated and it is alarming how frequently minor disagreements turn into death or injury. We really must try to establish what is causing our young men in particular to be so angry. What has happened to the age old tenets of live and let live? Even primary school children are turning to violence and the courts are full with cases where some early mediation could have resolved matters. We have to find a way to utilise the skills of mediators and teach mediation to our young people in schools to try to stem this tide of violence.

As small nations every single person is a valuable resource that we CANNOT afford to lose to violence; especially when it is often two or more persons lost, the one who dies and the one incarcerated.



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