Wha’ You Tink – Are there too many Indians & Chinese in the Federation?

More and more often I hear the complaint that there are too many people of Chinese and Indian origin in St. Kitts-Nevis. The concern is that they are here running businesses and putting businesses run by Kittivisians under pressure or out of business, and driving up rent.

Now, one must remember we have a good number of Kittivisians, overseas so we shouldn’t resent foreign nationals trying to set up here. After all we have nationals doing good business in the UK, Canada, USVI, USA all over the globe. It’s curious that right here at home there’s a struggle! It’s interesting that while a local can wait an age for approval for a business license a foreigner has a whole chain of business.

But there’s one key thing to remember, there aren’t enough Chinese and Indian people here in St. Kitts-Nevis to keep a single Chinese supermarket in business much less 5 or 6. No one is holding a gun to Kittivisians heads and forcing them to shop at the Chinese Supermarket or buy a $5 fried rice!

So, Wha’ You Tink – Are there to many Indians & Chinese in the Federation?

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