By Orita Bailey

Media engaging with ECCB

The ECCB and partners in the Financial Sector engaged with media practitioners across the region last week to roll out plans for the 15th Financial Information Month of activities. The media was encouraged to think of their role as the second school – to become part of the edutainment that will be Financial Information Month.

The annual event usually commences in October with a message from the Prime Minister/Minister of Finance of each country in the ECCU, encouraging citizens of the ECCU to take on board the wealth of information and service offered by Financial Institutions and the ECCB at this time.

This year’s theme is Challenge Yourself: Innovate – Compete – Succeed. As usual the activities are planned to be accessible to a wide cross section of the public, with a specific emphasis on young people, from primary to tertiary levels, to business – new and established; to professionals in the financial and credit sectors, educators and the general consumer.

There will be lectures and symposia, vocational training, workshops and meet, greet and educate open days at financial institutions for their customers. Contests for high schools students, presentations, panel discussions, street theatre, presentations at churches and community groups and donations of gift baskets to the most needy. The obligatory walkathon and jingles and opportunities to conduct interviews and tell the stories of local successful entrepreneurs.

The Corporate Unit of the ECCB has engaged with media houses in the past to get the message out about the month of activities as well as to provide coverage, hosting of information on websites and radio shows, keeping the focus on the month of activities, this year the media was urged to deepen the relationship, by being pro-active in their programming, utilising the information provided as well as commissioning and disseminating articles, discussion programmes, and financial tips, not only during the period but throughout the year.

Media Rep receiving a gift

Media Rep receiving gift

At the recent meeting with media practitioners participants were encouraged to try out some of the ideas planned for the month of activities and to commit their agencies to making the month of activities a successful.

Winning Team at the Media Working Group

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