Classic Promotions-RCL Ballroom Dancing Workshops & Recitals

Rotary Club of Liamigua

                                                                                        Basseterre, St Kitts

TDS Leader Lelan Drakes(R), Natasha St Juste, Amethyst Prentice,Earl Thomas

TDS Leader Lelan Drakes(R), Natasha St Juste, Amethyst Prentice,Earl Thomas

This week has seen an engaging and interesting exploration of Ballroom Dancing in the Federation, through the collaboration of Classic Promotions of Antigua & Barbuda (the promoter of the events), the Rotary Club of Liamuiga and the Terpsichorean Ballroom Dance School (TDS) of Antigua & Barbuda.  The visiting dance troupe has been in the Federation, as part of the National Arts Festival section of the National Celebrations to mark the 30th Anniversary of Political Independence for the twin island state.  
Most timely in both its importance and purpose, this visit highlights the role of the Arts in personal and social development, while also underlining the nurturing of social graces, the understanding of cultured gender relations, the maintaining of physical fitness and formal expression of a healthy mind in a healthy body.
The TDS has been conducting workshops at the St. Johnson Community Centre in LaGuerite, and this has proven to be a measured success.  The training sessions have not seen as high a turnout of dance enthusiasts as may have been anticipated, but those who have been in attendance have been exposed to various forms of Classical and Modern Ballroom Dance.  Some of the forms demonstrated and explained have included:

    1.      Waltz
    2.      Quickstep
    3.      Foxtrot
    4.      Vienesse Waltz
    5.      Cha Cha Cha
    6.      Rumba
    7.      Jive
    8.      Tango
    9.      Paso Doblé
    10.   Samba

The Tutors have travelled to Nevis and will conduct training sessions in the mentioned dance forms for the dance enthusiasts in Nevis at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church Hall on Thursday, 12 September 2013 between the hours of 5.00pm and 10.30pm.

The larger section of the dance troupe (TDS) arrives on St. Kitts via Liat at 6.30am on Friday, 13 September 2013 and will, together with the members that are already in the Federation, be part of a concert presentation of spectacular performances of many of these dance forms in St. Kitts at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium, ECCB on Friday, 13 September and another at the Nevis Performing Arts Centre (NEPAC) on Saturday, 14 September starting at 7.00pm each night.  Contribution for each Event is $50 for adults and $25 for children 12 years and under.

Classic Promotions and the RCL reiterate special thanks to local sponsors – St Kitts Department of Culture, Nevis Cultural Development Foundation, Windsor University School of Medicine and Warner’s One Stop, and sponsors from Antigua & Barbuda – Arc, Next Phase, Carib World Travel and Kenneth A. Gomez & Sons.

All are cordially invited to be in attendance at these events, and to continue to enjoy the beauty of Ballroom Dancing.

TDS Tutor Clive Duncan & Student,  Tuffida Stewart

TDS Tutor Clive Duncan & Student, Tuffida Stewart

TDS Tutor Daphnie Minott(R) & Student Seana Williams

TDS Tutor Daphnie Minott(R) & Student Seana Williams

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