Basseterre, St Kitts, 19 September 2013:

Ms Carol Phillips, President Jamkit

Ms Carol Phillips, President Jamkit

There is something truly inspiring about a milestone in life; every opportunity to pause and reflect, celebrate and project is truly to be relished. A birthday, a graduation…each stage of existence for an individual, institution or indeed a nation calls its celebrants to an awareness of the things that are special in an often mundane world. Hardly can there be deemed a more special point deserving of celebration than the achievement of a milestone such as that of 30 years of Political Independence for a state. In this vein, we, the members of the Jamaican Kittitian (JamKit) Association, pause at this singularly momentous time to extend our greetings to the nation of St. Christopher and Nevis. On this, the commemorative day when the nation celebrates its 30th year of Political Independence as a federal state, we acknowledge the considerable accomplishment that this is in the life of your young nation.

This national achievement speaks to a maturity of democratic process, an ingenuity of creative output and a resilience of social effort that can be considered both commendable and emulative. Having only a year ago basked in the exultant euphoria of our own 50th Anniversary of Political Independence, we are truly appreciative of the opportunity to share in the experience of joy, pride and contemplation that must be part of this year’s local enterprise of celebration. We hasten to reciprocate the warmth and genuine affection that was extended to our people, in the truest sense of regional integration, and we hope that yours will be a truly wonderful remaining year of observance.

We continue to acknowledge, with great reverence, the many contributions made to nation-building here in the Federation by the eminent leaders whose contributions were both singular and potent. We acknowledge:

1. The Right Excellent Sir Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw – First National Hero and Father of Independent St. Christopher and Nevis;
2. The Right Excellent Sir Caleb Azariah Paul Southwell – Former Chief Minister and Titan of the Industrial Movement;
3. The Right Excellent Sir Joseph N. France – Former Minister of Government and Social Advocate.

Particularly heart-warming has been the considerable step taken in elevating the Right Excellent Sir. Simeon Daniel to the level of National Hero, as announced in this anniversary month. As a legal luminary, political trailblazer and veritable father of modern Nevis, his contributions to enhancing the Federation’s essence are without question. We are delighted to see this further demonstration of federal maturation and consolidation. It is to be hoped that the lives of service, dedication and outreach, so fully lived by these greats, will remain positive examples of the traits that can guide all observers.

We further acknowledge the many expressions of development and the other contributions that have been made by many, all working towards national growth. The strengthening of relations with regional, hemispheric and international partner states and entities; the expanding of the nation’s justice systems; the enhancement of alternate fuel supplies through renewable energy resourcing and the re-skilling of the nation’s youth have been part of a collective effort at engendering positive social and economic development in the Federation. These advancements bode well for the continued progress of this fledgling state.

In this celebratory dispensation, however, we remain cognizant of the fact that there continue to be challenges along the way. It has continued to be a very significant period of dynamism on the political scene, and this very week has seen the latest chapter open in the political controversies that remain part and parcel of the national space. It is still incontrovertible, however, that these developments have demonstrated the commitment that there is, on the part of the collective whole, to the proper functioning of the democratic processes. Accordingly, we retain nothing but hope that the path will become clearer as the Federation becomes more confident in its political movement forward.

We await yet greater accomplishments along the way. We anticipate more stories of social outreach and political collaboration. We hope for continued improvement in the quality of life of the Federations’ citizens and residents, particularly its families, women, young men, the elderly and children. We laud the strides that have been taken in this regard, and extend our warmest sentiments; confident in the belief that this land will continue to be, in every sense, truly a “land of beauty”.

One Love.

Jamaican Kittitian (JamKit) Association
P O Box 1770

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