The One Time, You Should Lie Through Your Teeth!

Russell Williams

There are not many occasions when you are encouraged to lie unless you’re playing some sort of party game, but here’s one such scenario.

If you are familiar with the typical security questions typically asked by most banks, website or on-line services such as:

What was the make/model of your first car?

What was the name of your elementary or high school?

What was the school motto or mascot?

Your paternal grandfather’s name?

You might be excused for thinking it might be harmless to answer these questions truthfully, however in the age of Social Media you could not be more wrong.

Even if you use some of the more professional social media networks it is possible for those details to be harvested from information posted either directly or indirectly about you. So it’s quite possible to find out what primary or high school someone attended from Facebook or LinkedIn social networks. Again your grandfather on your father’s side might also be easily be sourced in the same manner.

So what is one to do? Lie! Yes, that’s right do not answer those questions truthfully. But be very sure to be consistent and remember the responses you gave and be sure not to share those responses with anyone.

That way even if your account number was disclosed or username divulged the chances of the person being able to guess what lies you told are pretty slim.

About the Writer

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