As another youth is killed, is a mother asking “bring who see”?

Russell Williams

This week the death of a 19 year old youth who was shot and later died from his injuries, has left many people traumatised, bewildered and angry. The latter part of this post’s title too may have readers a little confused.See no evil - FDP

I heard the phrase “Bring who See”, almost 13 years ago when my cousin was telling me about his stolen puppies. He found his dogs in the yard of a house in the near by village and informed the mother that her son who was no more than 8 or 9 years old at the time, had taken his dogs. The mother’s response was “bring who see!”. Having recently migrated from the UK, I needed him to explain what she meant. He explained that the mother was telling him he should bring whoever saw her son take his dogs!

I listened in disbelief! Without wishing to sound like the grumpy old man, and say “when I was a lad…”, but when I was a lad, I could not return home with anything other than my own property, and all of my own property! If I came home with a toy car, pencil case or anything which belonged to someone else I had to have a cast iron explanation and a credible plan to get it back to its owner the next day!
I can still hear my parent’s words, “I don’t want to see that here another day!” or “I don’t want anyone here telling me Russell has Jimmy’s car, bag or whatever.”

So I was stunned when I heard that this mother was challenging my cousin to “bring who see!”. I wondered had she given her son instructions to get some dogs? Were there any questions as to where or from whom he got these dogs? And then what was this mother’s plan when the boy graduated from stealing puppies from someone’s yard, to breaking into someone’s home and taking jewelry or other possessions or worse?

Too often we hear stories of parent’s remarking well, “Jimmy wasn’t all bad, though he never worked he would always bring me a phone or a TV”. Or of their school aged daughters why didn’t they bring another cell phone or whatever for them? With little regard as to from whom, where and how they acquired these “goodies”!

As a parent myself now I am all too aware of the influences out there and the vigilance that’s required to set the appropriate example and to keep both eyes and ears open, watching and listening to what my children are saying and doing. Who their friends are and what stories they bring back about this or that child.

I hope and pray that another parent isn’t telling another adult that they should bring who see, lest they are asking the same question when their slightly older child is in hospital or worse having fallen into bad company and suffering the consequences.

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