Past Students of Girls’ High School Celebrate Founder’s Day


OCTOBER 16 is a very special day for Past Students of the Girls’ High School. On that day in 1929 the school opened its doors to 9 pupils and so for the first time in St. Kitts, girls were given an opportunity to receive a secondary education. The Grammar School for boys had started many years before but girls were not given access to this school.MISS MIRIAM PICKARD, B.Sc.,M.R.S.T.

” In the Miriam Pickard School
You had to know how to walk
You had to know how to talk
And you had to know how to sit
Without ever showing your…slip

You had to love books
And how to repair them too
And don’t think you could come in
With even one dusty shoe!
You had to be tidy and neat
On or off the street

Be obedient when bells rang
Forego any speech with slang
Take part in House competitions
Without excuse or hesitation

And every morning at Assembly
You were reminded
What you should be…
A shining light
In your community.”

LC- 1999

On Sunday 20th October, past pupils will worship together at the Annual Anniversary Service at the Anglican Church at 8.00 a.m. Celebrations will continue at a Brunch at Manhattan Gardens, Lime Kiln.

Some of the Early Girls of the Girls High School

Some of the Early Girls of the Girls High School

The Former Girls High School

The Former Girls High School

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