OECS Network of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Training and Education Project is Underway

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM EDUCATION (3)The OECS Commission has commenced work towards establishing a Network of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Training and Education project.

The Tourism Training Network, via support from the 10th European Development Fund, is envisioned to comprise nine lead partner institutions from the respective OECS Member States and seeks to facilitate a virtual system with specialised training nodes in each member country of the OECS linked together via a hub.

The Network will link tourism industry trainers, institutions and potential trainees such as students and industry workers in OECS Member States, and facilitate the provision of specialized training in each participating State on the basis of the comparative advantage of each State in respective areas of competence. Tourism and Hospitality Education institutions in OECS Member States will be provided with enhanced capacity to collaborate and communicate with each other across a shared electronic platform as well as deliver training programmes online.

On October 1st, 2014, a consultancy firm PROMAN SA was engaged to prepare and assist the OECS in the implementation of a detailed plan to establish and operationalise the Network of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Training and Education Project.

During the last week in October into early November 2014 the Consultants will engage in a series of country missions across the nine OECS states where they expect to interact with officials from the public and private sectors in the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as representatives from community colleges offering tourism and hospitality programmes.

Specific objectives of the workshops and consultations include: gaining a deeper understanding of the issues and priorities for each Member State regarding tourism education and training requirements, and clarifying the comparative advantage of each Member State in the delivery of tourism services and products.

The first country mission is slated for Antigua & Barbuda. An inception meeting with the consultants and the OECS Tourism and Hospitality Training Task Force has been scheduled for November 5th, 2014 at the Bay Gardens Hotel in Saint Lucia.

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