The Importance of Hydration

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By Jason Lewis, Fitness Instructor, CEO Custom Strength Fitness.

Have you ever suffered a sudden headache, when going about your daily business? Consider this, perhaps you are dehydrated. Proper hydration is very important for overall health, especially in the hot Caribbean sun. We lose water all the time. When we breathe, when we sweat and when we use the toilet.

Controlling Weight

Drinking part of the daily amount of water you need to stay hydrated before meals can help you to keep your weight down. Drinking 16 oz of water before meals three times a day, can help you increase weight loss by some 5 lbs compared to drinking no water at all. How much water do you drink? Be sure to carry a refillable bottle around with you and do take advantage of the numerous stand pipes we have on island!

Consider this…..
There are certain conditions which increase the amount of water you need to stay hydrated. If you have ever had a bladder infection, kidney stones, diarrhoea or have been vomiting, or have sickle cell anaemia, your physician may recommend an increase in water consumption. Fitness enthusiasts, especially those of you that walk in the hot sun, require a lot more water to stay hydrated. Look at the colour of your urine and this will tell you how hydrated you are. Light yellow or clear urine tells us that we are well hydrated, whereas, dark yellow and pungent smelling urine tells us that we are dehydrated

Feeling Peckish, snacking all the time?

    • Take a glass of cold water when you start to feel hungry. Don’t confuse feelings of mild thirst with feelings of hunger.
    • Increase your intake of fruit and veg in the day. They are good for you and are 80-90% water.

Are you drinking enough?

    • Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, because by the time you do your body has lost between 2 and 5 cups of water!
    • When you are dehydrated your attention and concentration can decrease by 13% and short term memory by 13%. Make sure you drink between 6 to 8 cups of water per day. So come on start today, take a big glass of water. Cheers!

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