Ham Radio Tech, “Old but Not Obsolete” in St. Kitts-Nevis

Those of you who are familiar with the successful Terminator series of films staring Arnold Schwarzenegger, would recognise the quote “Old but not obsolete”. It comes from the last Terminator Genisys film, staring an aging Schwarzenegger who would often remind a youthful John Connor that “I’m old but not obsolete”.

That is a message that the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla Amateur Radio Society has embraced whole heartedly. In our interview with their President Basil Woods, he detailed their efforts to recruit young people with an interest in getting involved in amateur radio.

Woods said, every year on our anniversary in April we go into the schools and give presentations on amateur radio. However, next year we’re planning to do a bit more as we don’t think once a year is that effective.

He stated that HAM radio is now getting some competition from the more immediate and modern forms of communication, such as WhatsApp.

One of the difficulties we have is that we have to make sure that they understand amateur radio. With all the technology around such as WhatsApp and so on, sometimes fellas don’t to sit down in front of a radio to send a message. Most people like to use their fingers now so that’s a challenge. Ham Radio is proving that the phrase is equally applicable to the technology.

In amateur radio now we have applications such as Paco or Packet, where you can use the computer to send text messages. We have that system that we’re putting into place right now.”

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