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What an eventful and exciting year it has been for us here at Kittivisian Life. We are celebrating our first birthday this month!! Yes, that’s right, we launched KL in March 2007 and here we are celebrating a year in publication already!! March heralds a busy period in the Federation; […]

March 2008 Editorial

Tourism is, at its heart, largely a hedonistic, self-involved business. Essentially, it involves collaboration between government and business designed to cater to the tastes of the ignorant (as in “unfamiliar”) traveller, while highlighting the “best” of a country. The most successful tourist economies are extremely adept at branding their cultures […]

The Trouble with Tourism

Dr. Miranda Fellows is the founder of Carib Wellness. She has dedicated her life to the implementation of natural, holistic healthcare and the optimal well being of Caribbean people in particular. The Carib Wellness program is a system of Holistic Integrated Medicine that allows the innate healing of the human […]

The Six Steps to Wellness

This month Clare has chosen four writers all from different countries, as she finds it enjoyable to learn about other people’s culture through literature. The Education of “Little Tree” by Forest Carter – As the title suggests this charming book is written by a Cherokee Native American who remembers his […]

A Good Read

As part of the Digicel Kick Start Clinics, the legendary John Barnes arrived in St. Kitts on Monday, 21st January, having conducted clinics in Jamaica, Haiti and Barbados, visited eight islands in the Caribbean as part of Digicel’s ongoing support of football in the region.

Digicel And John Barnes Hosts A Kick Start Clinic

Ambrosia is one of my favourite deserts. Here are a couple versions of it, with an option to make it slightly less decadent and more healthy. Try one over the Easter season; its easy to make and your family will love. I think I’ll have to make one this weekend […]


St. Kitts & Nevis National Flag Click on the outline of the flag to open it up a new window and print out to colour your own flag. Let’s see what you know about our national flag? What does the black in the flag symbolize? The stars represent what? In […]

The National Flag