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Those of you who are familiar with the successful Terminator series of films staring Arnold Schwarzenegger, would recognise the quote “Old but not obsolete”. It comes from the last Terminator Genisys film, staring an aging Schwarzenegger who would often remind a youthful John Connor that “I’m old but not obsolete”. […]

Ham Radio Tech, “Old but Not Obsolete” in St. Kitts-Nevis

    Russell Williams   Weeks after the record breaking devastating hurricanes Irma and Maria, cut through the Caribbean leaving their indelible mark of destruction, the fortunate inhabitants of islands that escaped the tempests will continue feel their impact in other ways well into next year.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria Delay Number Portability in ECTEL States

Training Workshop for Judges and Magistrates of OECS Member States   An effective Juvenile Justice System requires ongoing training of the professionals in the system –a view supported by the and the Beijing Rules.   In this effort, the Judicial Education Institute (JEI) of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court is […]

Getting “Smart” on Juvenile Justice