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The people who drew the current political boundaries in Africa were clearly big fans of Tanzania. The country is blessed with several significant natural phenomenon, and we were able to visit several of them on our trip. After a few days in Arusha, we embarked on our safari. The first […]

Tanzania – Land of many jewels

It is March, the Harmattan is over and Ghana is hot!!! I know we complained about the Harmattan and the dust and allergies and so on, but the dust brought with it cooler temperatures, especially in the evenings. The hot weather brings instead a high demand for drinking water. Enter […]

Trashy Bags

Harmattan Sunset
We stepped out of the grocery and headed for the entrance of the mall. As we approached the outdoors, my daughter asked, “Mommy, is it raining?” It was not raining, but her question was well-founded. The sky was shrouded in what looked like a sheet of steady rain. “No, honey,” […]

Harmattan Time

This is a difficult thing for me to say out loud for various reasons, but it is true. We West Indians are lucky to live on the western side of the Atlantic ocean.

Our gift