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By Russell Williams While listening to a recent “technology” segment on a local breakfast show, I became frankly incensed by the guest’s all too apparent ignorance of the importance of Open Source Software. A little earlier I was listening to the Tech News Today (TNT) podcast where the panel were […]

Apple’s iHamster Wheel, Open Source and Mobile Apps

By Russell Williams Podcasts are small audio/video files, usually saved as an MP3/4 file format that can be played with a media player either on a computer with a program such as Winamp, VLC Media Player, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. They can also be played on a dedicated MP3 […]

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On Wednesday 24th August, the world learned that Steve Jobs had stepped down as Chief Executive Officer at Apple due to ill health. Personally, I haven’t used an Apple product in any seriousness, since the Apple IIe, back in the mid 1980’s. The established trend of releasing an “enhanced” product […]

Steve Jobs Steps Down at Apple – Lessons for the ...