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Sir Ronald Sanders   Questioning the relevance and value of the Commonwealth of Nations is nothing new – for such has occurred ever since the modern Commonwealth was created in 1949. However, doubts have intensified in recent time about the voluntary association of now 53 countries. Claims are repeatedly made […]

The Commonwealth’s Future – Part 1

Sir Ronald Sanders (Sir Ronald Sanders was Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador in negotiations with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on its “Harmful Tax Competition” scheme)   In naming 30 countries as the “top tax havens in the world”, the European Union (EU) appears to “playing dice” with […]

Remarks by Sir Ronald Sanders on EU Naming Caribbean Tax ...

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Tuesday August 6, 2013 Jamaica is celebrating its 51st anniversary of political independence from Britain on Tuesday with the country’s lauding the achievements in sports, education, and the creative arts while encouraging nationals not to give up in the midst of hardships. Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen said Jamaicans […]

Jamaica Celebrates 51st Anniversary Independence

By Sir Ronald Sanders Small states in the Caribbean would do well to follow the pattern of Britain and Canada in pooling and sharing diplomatic missions abroad. Caribbean countries spend millions of dollars every year on individual diplomatic missions when shared missions would be far more cost effective. On September […]

Diplomatically Cutting Costs

Sir Ronald Sanders Racism and xenophobia have once again emerged in British politics, driven by the very difficult economic situation in which Britain is now mired. The grim reality of racial unease in Britain and its possible consequences were highlighted by an invitation by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to […]

Curbing Racism in Britain: Censoring the BBC is not the ...