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Lorna Callender The ‘AMAZING GRACE EXPERIENCE’ Museum/Visitors’ Centre in Sandy Point, St. Kitts, which chronicles the life of John Newton – author of the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ – is still a novelty in St Kitts. Too few islanders are aware of Newton’s sojourn here and what it meant to world […]

The “AMAZING GRACE EXPERIENCE” – St. Kitts Plays Key Role ...

By Russell Williams I recently read a piece on the BBC website on how former West Indies Captain and batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan blamed the West Indies coaching setup for his poor form and eventual departure from West Indies cricket in 2010. The batsman went on to say how the coaching […]

It’s Simply not Cricket!

Part Two By Russell Williams In my last piece I expressed a level of disappointment with the attitude of some IT “professionals” towards open source, while having a healthy optimism for the future. One of the prime excuses given for resisting the use of open source, is “who supports it?”, […]

Apple’s iHamster Wheel, Open Source and Mobile Apps Part 2