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Russell Williams     Bali, Indonesia was the venue for the signing of the historic trade deal on the 23rd July, which it is said could increase trade by more than a trillion dollars a year, globally.   The deal struck with all 161 member states comprising a number of […]

WTO Member States Agree Trillion Dollar Global Tech Deal

By Russell Williams On the 15th August Google snapped up Motorola Mobility, and days later Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced its plans to sell off its tablet and mobile unit. So what’s going and who’s right?

Google Buys into Mobile, while HP Exits. What can ...

On Wednesday 24th August, the world learned that Steve Jobs had stepped down as Chief Executive Officer at Apple due to ill health. Personally, I haven’t used an Apple product in any seriousness, since the Apple IIe, back in the mid 1980’s. The established trend of releasing an “enhanced” product […]

Steve Jobs Steps Down at Apple – Lessons for the ...

In the article below, the writer reveals how one individual is unilaterally affecting the development of St.Lucia. How many other Caribbean countries are being systematically ‘held back’ by personalities who are more interested in their own ‘position’ than our countries development? Write a comment of your experience. Michael Walker explains […]

Ministry Official Sabotaging Education?

By Orita Bailey On Wednesday morning the Principal of Beach Allen Primary School, Basseterre was able to take charge of a fully functioning computer lab. Local business The IT Facility donated a PC, some 40 man hours and their expertise to increase the number of seats from 5 to 17, […]

Local IT Company Gives New Lease of Life to School’s ...

IT’s No Mystery With all the discussion and apparent concern these days over how much of our information the likes of Facebook and Google have and how they use or abuse it; I wonder what persons think when their e-mail address appears in a list of sometimes 50 or 100 […]

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