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PRESS RELEASE   Young Leaders will collaborate with UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth to help end poverty, combat climate change and reduce inequality     The United Nations today launched a new initiative to recognize exceptional young people who are leaders in the effort to end poverty, combat climate change […]

UN launches worldwide search for exceptional young leaders to help ...

The Future of Business in the Caribbean – Pt 2 By Russell Williams In an earlier piece I compared the business environment which exists in the Caribbean to that in more developed countries such as the UK and US. Among the key differences were the availability of adequate resources and […]

The Future of Caribbean Business – Pt 2

By Sir Ronald Sanders A visitor to Perth in Australia during the week ending 30th October would be forgiven in believing that the City revolves around the 54-nation Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth: Will Wise Heads Prevail?

Citizens of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) will be exposed to a new perspective on globalisation when Dr Danny Leipziger, Vice President for Poverty Reduction and Economic Management at the World Bank presents the ECCB sponsored 14th Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture on 4 November.

ECCB Sponsored Lecture Presents a Post Financial and Economic Crisis ...

“The Everyday Financial Heroes Project” is the first in a series of initiatives being piloted as part of Financial Information Month, October 2009. Everyday financial heroes are persons from humble beginnings who, by working hard and managing their money wisely have achieved their financial goals of owning a house, sending […]