Russell Williams The World Bank suggests that data is open if it is both Technically Open – available in a standard format easily read by a machine and Legally Open – permits unrestricted commercial and non-commercial use or re-use. Wikipedia the online encyclopedia suggests that the data should be freely […]

Open Data: What it is and Why it Matters

By Russell Williams As I conclude this series of articles on why we in developing countries really must break the shackles of “consumerism” especially as it relates to technology and software by giving some examples. The most important asset a commercial enterprise has is its customers! If you disagree try […]

Why We can’t Afford Shrink-Wrapped Software, and It’s NOT About ...

By Ekkehardt Roth, In 1985 a computer programmer named Richard Stallman changed the way computer programs were distributed. In order to use software needed to develop his own system, Stallman was required to agree to certain licensing schemes, which barred him from sharing the software with other programmers who wanted […]

Let’s Talk About FLOSS