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Cameron Gill, General Manager, Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society Part One The twin island Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis is the world’s smallest sovereign state yet its impact on world history far outweighs its total area of 104 square miles. There is no more dramatic tangible representation […]

The Spectacular Brimstone Hill Fortress, Looming Large in World History ...

By Sir Hilary Beckles The University of the West Indies is in the process of conceiving how best to deliver a major conference on the theme Rethinking And Rebuilding Haiti. I am very keen to provide an input into this exercise because for too long there has been a popular […]

The Hate and The Quake

We here at Kittivisian Life has been as distraught and traumatised by the earthquake in Haiti as everyone else viewing our television screens on a daily basis since Tuesday 12th January. It is difficult to express our emotions; we can only send our profound condolence and sympathy with those from […]


By Sir Ronald Sanders The writer is a Consultant and former Caribbean Diplomat The eyes of the world are focused daily on the terrible images of Haiti on television screens and in newspapers. The consequent flood of humanitarian assistance from all parts of the world has been great and admirable. […]

Haiti’s Future Must Not Be More of The Same