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Editorial Comment We received this unsolicited commentary a few weeks ago and debated long within the team about whether to publish it. We decided to do so as most of us were convinced by the clear setting out of the writer’s arguments and concerns.   G.A.Dwyer Astaphan   Certain bad […]


By Sir Ronald Sanders (The Writer is a Consultant and former Caribbean Diplomat) Good article in support of India’s hosting of the games, however, while there are always issues at any major event, history has shown that it is those who shout loudest or have the most clout who gets […]

Stop Carping: Let The Commonwealth Games Begin

Jamaican tourism minister, Edmund Bartlett
LONDON, England (JIS) Caribbean countries will be working with other states and regions, such as India, New Zealand and Africa, to increase the pressure on the British government to reform the Airline Passenger Duty (APD) regime Jamaica’s tourism minister, Edmund Bartlett told a meeting of United Kingdom-based Jamaicans, that Caribbean tourism […]

Caribbean Seeking Support of Other Regions in Lobby Against Airline ...