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ST JOHNS, ANTIGUA. Want to find out what’s happening in Antigua and Barbuda? Well now there’s an app for that. Participants at the first ever Mobile App development Training workshop in Antigua and Barbuda built an app called In Antigua from scratch as the final exercise in an intensive two-day […]

Mobile Apps Revolution Hits Antigua

By Bevil Wooding The Internet and related technologies play an increasingly significant role in the development of the Caribbean. Yet, as countries in the region make necessary investments in information and communications technologies (ICTs) there is a real risk that we may be unwittingly ceding control of critical elements of […]

Avoiding The Threat of Caribbean Cyber Colonisation

By Russell Williams On the 15th August Google snapped up Motorola Mobility, and days later Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced its plans to sell off its tablet and mobile unit. So what’s going and who’s right?

Google Buys into Mobile, while HP Exits. What can ...

On Wednesday 24th August, the world learned that Steve Jobs had stepped down as Chief Executive Officer at Apple due to ill health. Personally, I haven’t used an Apple product in any seriousness, since the Apple IIe, back in the mid 1980’s. The established trend of releasing an “enhanced” product […]

Steve Jobs Steps Down at Apple – Lessons for the ...

By Russell Williams Last week, the long promised Caribbean Knowledge Learning Network (CKLN) took a step forward with the signing of a contract with telecom provider LIME to provide connectivity throughout the region for its learning network. While those of us in St. Kitts-Nevis would rightly have some reasons for […]

If The High Cost Of Internet Is Not Holding Back ...

By Russell Williams In the previous two articles I have suggested that there are many benefits for the development of Internet Exchange Points (IXP’s) within the Caribbean. I have also offered arguments, which identify contributing causes which have prevented us from maximising the benefits of technology. I will continue this […]

If The High Cost Of Internet Is Not Holding Back ...

By Orita Bailey The long awaited Community Technology Project, funded by the World Bank through the ECTEL, the Caribbean Telecommunications Authority was finally handed over to the Ministry of Education and the local Dieppe Bay Community Tuesday in a brief ceremony.

Dieppe Bay Community Technology Project Launched

There has been mounting criticisms from persons in St. Kitts recently about the service they receive from the largest telecoms provider LIME. This has led to the Telecoms Minister making a statement. Add your comments to the debate about the quality of service we currently receive from our providers. Minister […]

Telecoms Head, LIME Air Customer Complaints