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Russell Williams   Women at the Helm at CANTO That was the title of a recent article and several similar articles I have seen about the accomplishments of women in the telecoms and tech sectors. It is true that there are high numbers of women employed in Telecoms but lets […]

Are Women in Technology in the Region a Myth?

By Russell Williams Earlier this year several column inches were rightly given to the mobile applications development workshop held in St. Kitts-Nevis,facilitated by the Bright Path Foundation.

SKN Mobile Apps Inaugural Training Session

In the article below, the writer reveals how one individual is unilaterally affecting the development of St.Lucia. How many other Caribbean countries are being systematically ‘held back’ by personalities who are more interested in their own ‘position’ than our countries development? Write a comment of your experience. Michael Walker explains […]

Ministry Official Sabotaging Education?

By Russell Williams The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) has invested heavily in equipping seven of their primary schools with Thin-Client Technology in an effort to deliver better return on their investment in technology in the classroom. Our technology specialist Russell Williams spoke with Quincy Prentice – IT Manager at the […]

Nevis Island Administration Invests in Thin-Client Technology