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Russell Williams In Part 1, I set out a couple of reasons why I believe we need a dedicated and focused Ministry of Technology, much of the argument was based on the hear and now. In this final part, I will look ahead. We have all heard and in some […]

The Case for a Ministry of Technology – Pt 2

Russell Williams After the swearing in ceremony of the new government in February there were questions about the apparent absence of the Ministry of Technology. Apparently, I was foolish enough to air my questions and concern publicly, triggering a wave of criticism and seemingly stoking an already politically charged environment. […]

The Case For A Ministry Of Technology – Pt 1

Russell Williams – Educator & Entrepreneur Just a couple of weeks ago, an examination centre in the hitherto anonymous Indian state of Bihar gained notoriety for the rampant cheating taking place at the examination centre there. Many around the world even here in the region scoffed and said it’s not […]

 Education, is No Longer About Learning, Is it all about ...

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 02, 2012 (SKNIS): St. Kitts and Nevis is one step closer in establishing an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) as Government continues to work with local and international partners to enhance self-reliance in the information technology sector. On a recent visit to St. Kitts, Bevil Wooding of […]


By Russell Williams The title statement was a phrase I learned for the first time having moved to St. Kitts-Nevis. Without wanting to insult the person asking the question the saying makes complete sense as to the purpose of asking questions, yet after 11 years in the region I am […]

Fools ask Questions to be Made Wise – Where are ...

Part Two By Russell Williams In my last piece I expressed a level of disappointment with the attitude of some IT “professionals” towards open source, while having a healthy optimism for the future. One of the prime excuses given for resisting the use of open source, is “who supports it?”, […]

Apple’s iHamster Wheel, Open Source and Mobile Apps Part 2