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By Orita Bailey The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), has put out a call for entries from young entrepreneurs between ages of 13 -36 to enter the Sixth Edition of the Talent and Innovation Challenge of the Americas (TIC Americas) www.ticamericas.net “TIC Americas is one of our most important programs […]

Young Americas Business Trust – Talent and Innovation Challenge of ...

It is a classic case of “passing the buck”, but Caribbean jurisdictions that offer offshore financial services will be the victims of lax regulation by the OECD countries – the UK and US in particular.  Britain’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and the US Senate and Congress have both now shown […]

“Tax haven” jurisdictions – Sitting Ducks and Scapegoats

The threat to the financial services sector of the Caribbean is growing everyday and is becoming more evident in reports by media who have swallowed hook, line and sinker that so-called “tax havens” are helping US, European and Japanese nationals, both persons and companies, to evade taxation in their home […]

Is the Caribbean Financial Services Sector Asleep?