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Lorna Callender The ‘AMAZING GRACE EXPERIENCE’ Museum/Visitors’ Centre in Sandy Point, St. Kitts, which chronicles the life of John Newton – author of the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ – is still a novelty in St Kitts. Too few islanders are aware of Newton’s sojourn here and what it meant to world […]

The “AMAZING GRACE EXPERIENCE” – St. Kitts Plays Key Role ...

By Cameron Gill, Rising formidably to almost 800 feet above sea level, the Brimstone Hill Fortress is an imposing sight. The apex of this massive fortress, most of whose structures date to the late 18th century, is the Fort George Citadel. From the Citadel’s Gundeck and Places-of-Arms one is afforded […]

The Fort George Museum at Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park