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Russell Williams For more than two years many of us would have endured questions like, “how can your government avoid the Motion of No Confidence?”, or “how you people can be so quiet while the government, is thumbing it’s nose at the constitution and trampling your rights?”. If it wasn’t […]

Proud to be Called a Kittivisian!

ROTARY SPEAKS Presented By PP Cameron Wilkinson Basseterre, St Kitts (10 August 2013): One of the Past Presidents of the Rotary Club of Liamuiga (RCL), Dr. Cameron Wilkinson, presented a brief overview of the history of the RCL at the Club’s recent 2013 Installation & 10th Anniversary Awards Banquet held […]

Brief History of the Rotary Club of Liamuiga

LaRocque told he gets an institution with an ambitious agenda BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, AUGUST 15TH 2011 CARICOM Chairman, St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas has told the region’s top civil servant that he has been bequeathed an institution with an ambitious agenda whose scope is […]

PM Douglas Installs New CARICOM Secretary General

The annual observance of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities was established in 1981. This day of observance aims to promote a better understanding of disability issues with a focus on the rights of persons living with disabilities in every aspect of their political, social, economic, and cultural life […]

International Day of Persons with Disabilities – December 3rd 2010

Alexandra Azor
Published on August 2, 2010 The article below highlights a phenomenon which seems to be affecting the whole of the region, is development in the Caribbean being slowed by reticence to embrace our Diaspora residents who long to return home? St.Lucia has just held a “Homecoming” seeking to embrace their overseas […]

Haitian Expats Seek a Sense of Place in Homeland

Sir Ronald Sanders Racism and xenophobia have once again emerged in British politics, driven by the very difficult economic situation in which Britain is now mired. The grim reality of racial unease in Britain and its possible consequences were highlighted by an invitation by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to […]

Curbing Racism in Britain: Censoring the BBC is not the ...

It was Eleanor Roosevelt who said “Great minds discuss ideas: Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” Hats off to the author(s) who coined the phrase “silly season.” Indeed we are in the “silly season” of the political campaign in St Kitts and Nevis and, believe it or not, […]

Our Sense Of Decency And Respect For Self And Others ...

  By Cyndie Demming The least is not our portion, nor are we looking for the most.  We are simply asking for a level playing field, 50/50 in short equality.  The Ministry of Gender Affairs, St Kitts & Nevis launched on Monday 13 July 2009 a Women Issues Manifesto aptly […]

COMMENTARY:The Least Is Not Our Portion