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Rohan Walters The historic timelines for the abolition of slavery by two of our most dominant colonist is set out below. 1. In July 1833, a Bill to abolish slavery throughout the British Empire passed in the House of Commons, followed by the House of Lords on 1st August. There has […]

A Case for Ideological Slavery in the Workplace?

Today is Emancipation Day throughout many Caribbean islands. Emancipation Day commemorates the date in 1833 when the then British Government finally implemented the abolition act that emancipated our ancestors. This year’s Emancipation Day is probably more poignant as CARICOM recently made submission to the Governments of Europe that it intends […]


The Reparations Train is Not Coming – The Argument Against Reparations By Russell Williams The recent presentation by renowned activist and lawyer, Michael Lorne on Reparations for the National Slave Route Project and as part of St. Kitts-Nevis History and Heritage Month activities, presented a rather unique and compelling perspective. […]

The Reparations Train is Not Coming

KL Staff Writer Michael Lorne, renowned lawyer, activist and reparation campaigner will be presenting the 5th UNESCO lecture in the series “Decolonization of The African Mind an Imperative to the Future”. At a press conference held by the UNESCO Slave Route Project Committee, to introduce Mr Lorne held yesterday, he […]

REPARATION Campaigner to Speak in St. Kitts

Community Notice The General Public is invited to a very enlightening presentation and follow-up discussion on the “compensation of the black race for enslavement”, Reparation. The third in the UNESCO Slave Route Project Lecture Series, it takes place Tuesday, February 28 at 7:00 p.m. at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium, […]

REPARATION – Lecture 3 of UNESCO Slave Route Project ...

By Orita Bailey The 14th annual Brimstone Hill Fortress Emancipation concert got off to a prompt start on Sunday 14th August 2011, for what has become a feature on the cultural calendar of the Federation. The Emancipation concert has been held on the second Sunday in August since 1997 to […]


By Sir Hilary Beckles The University of the West Indies is in the process of conceiving how best to deliver a major conference on the theme Rethinking And Rebuilding Haiti. I am very keen to provide an input into this exercise because for too long there has been a popular […]

The Hate and The Quake