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Occasionally we literally get ourselves in over our heads trying to keep up with technology. This is particularly true if you have a fancy new screen or might be just getting used to the touch-pad of a new laptop or keyboard touch-pad combo. These techniques might be useful for anyone […]

Slowing IT Down to Get More Done

Basseterre St. Kitts 2nd April 2014 Mona White of the Caribbean Climate Innovation Centre made a presentation to stakeholders at the St. Kitts – Nevis Chamber of Industry & Commerce conference room as part of a sensitisation exercise to inform interested persons in the twin-island federation of the opportunities available […]

Inventors Invited to Apply for Funding

Nerissa Golden  ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada (December 1, 2013) – Six Caribbean nationals were recognised for their contribution to advancing technology innovation in the region at the launch of the BrightPath Foundation TechLink initiative in Grenada. BrightPath in collaboration with its corporate partner Columbus Communications presented 2013 TechLink Caribbean Innovators Awards  in […]

6 Chosen for 1st TechLink Innovation Awards

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Monday July 22, 2013 Producing more local digital content remains one of the most effective means of increasing internet penetration in any market. Local content production can also create significant opportunities and positively impact both social and economic development. This was the view expressed by Rhea Yaw Ching, […]

The Caribbean Needs More Local Digital Content – Columbus

Removing Mobile Competition Obstacles, Facilitating Consumer Choice By Bevil Wooding Liberalisation of the telecommunications market and the introduction of new players to the Caribbean mobile landscape were supposed to usher in a new era of competition and choice for consumers. To some extent it has. We are past the dark […]

Time for Mobile Number Portability

The Future of Business in the Caribbean – Pt 2 By Russell Williams In an earlier piece I compared the business environment which exists in the Caribbean to that in more developed countries such as the UK and US. Among the key differences were the availability of adequate resources and […]

The Future of Caribbean Business – Pt 2

By Russell Williams Some years ago while walking in Basseterre an elderly lady stopped me and thrust a phone in my hand and asked me to call a number for her, grumbling she said “this is what happens when you get into young people’s tings!”. I was reminded of the […]

“Young People’s Tings!”

By Russell Williams As I conclude this series of articles on why we in developing countries really must break the shackles of “consumerism” especially as it relates to technology and software by giving some examples. The most important asset a commercial enterprise has is its customers! If you disagree try […]

Why We can’t Afford Shrink-Wrapped Software, and It’s NOT About ...

Part Two By Russell Williams In my last piece I expressed a level of disappointment with the attitude of some IT “professionals” towards open source, while having a healthy optimism for the future. One of the prime excuses given for resisting the use of open source, is “who supports it?”, […]

Apple’s iHamster Wheel, Open Source and Mobile Apps Part 2

By Russell Williams While listening to a recent “technology” segment on a local breakfast show, I became frankly incensed by the guest’s all too apparent ignorance of the importance of Open Source Software. A little earlier I was listening to the Tech News Today (TNT) podcast where the panel were […]

Apple’s iHamster Wheel, Open Source and Mobile Apps

By Russell Williams Podcasts are small audio/video files, usually saved as an MP3/4 file format that can be played with a media player either on a computer with a program such as Winamp, VLC Media Player, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. They can also be played on a dedicated MP3 […]

Keep up to Date with a Podcast

Basseterre, St. Kitts, January 18, 2012 (SKNIS): Shaquille Fredericks and Tishanna Hazel will join youth from across the Region to discuss current issues affecting young people and how creative young minds can be empowered to become ethical leaders and agents of change through self-respect and compassion.