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Dominica Relief-Some Items Palletised by Crew
PRESS RELEASE   Basseterre, St Kitts; When the clarion call went out from the Rotary Club of Liamuiga (RCL) requesting support for our sister islanders in dire need, the Whatsapp and email groups of the Jamaican Kittitian (JamKit) Association lit up with messages being circulated about the planned exercise for […]

Jamkit Association Joins Rotary Clubs To Support Dominica In Aftermath ...

Russell Williams     The story I’m about to relay is one I tell often but it’s one which is worth repeating and I crave your indulgence if you have read or heard it before.   In 2000, a fuel shortage in the UK led to the rationing of petrol […]

Has The Outcry Over The Blocking of OTTs and VoIP ...